Welcome everyone to episode one hundred and ten of This Week in Kpop. In this episode, Josh and Stephen record late at night while sick. Consider donating to us on Patreon (http://www.patreon.com/thisweekinkpop) or Paypal (http://paypal.me/thisweekinkpop).


  • (05:50)DPR Live(壮举。Loco,Jay Park)–此时此刻
  • (12:05)Justin哦(壮举)– Jekyll & Hyde
  • (20:40)劳累– Love Like That
  • (28:50)Eric Nam x Somi– You, Who?
  • (36:10)ohhyo– Pizza
  • (41:15)勇敢的女孩– Rollin’
  • 大名字,没有游戏
    • (54:00)Got7– Never Ever
    • (1:02:30)亮点– It’s Still Beautiful
    • (1:05:45)生产101赛季2– Pick Me (It’s Me, Me)
    • (1:15:05)GRIFT– Fingertip